A Sudanese Family Will Receive 6 Doll and Bear Gift Tote Bags from Don’t Cry…I’m Here in Time for Christmas

Arrive Ministries-Doll Delivery -- 2--12-21-17Arrive Ministries--Doll Delivery-1---12-21-17Arrive Ministries--doll delivery--3-12-21-17Arrive Ministries-doll delivery-4--12-21-17Arrive Ministries-doll delivery-5--12-21-17Arrive Ministries-doll delivery--6-12-21-17

We delivered a mixture of 6 Doll and Bear Tote Bags to Arrive Ministries today. Arrive Ministries resettlement organization does so much for our newly arriving refugee families. They are our refugees first connection when they arrive in Minneapolis. They meet the refugee families at the airport, set up housing for the families, and make sure that their housing has the basic necessities for them to start their new lives. And they are OUR (Don’t Cry…I’m Here) connection for getting our Totes to these new families. The 6 Totes that we delivered today will be in the hands of 2 boys (twins) and 4 girls (including our teen girl)….all from the same family very, very soon!! In fact, the guy in these photos loaded them up in his car before we left Arrive Ministries and was going to deliver them today. Thank you everyone for your help in making this happen.

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