Don't Cry...I'm Here

“Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Receives a Monetary Grant From Walmart

“Don’t Cry…I’m Here” (DCIH) is happy to announce that we have received a Monetary Grant from Walmart. This grant will make a big difference in the work that DCIH does for refugee families.

About Philanthropy at Walmart

Together, in FY2022 Walmart and the Walmart Foundation provided more than $1.5 billion annually in cash and in-kind to support programs that align with our philanthropic priorities. represents the philanthropic efforts of Walmart and the Walmart Foundation. By focusing where the business has unique strengths, works to tackle key social and environmental issues and collaborate with others to spark long-lasting systemic change.

A 9 Year Old Girl from Ukriane Just Arrived to Minnesota and This is Her Gift From “Don’t Cry…I’m Here”

This is everything that this 9 year old girl that just arrived from Ukraine will get. It’s a very tough road to get from Ukraine to the United States. Our refugee children deserve some fun and happiness once they arrive to safety. We do our best to give them a gift of FUN!!

Target Chooses “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” to Facilitate Target’s National Holiday Program “The Great Gift Together”

After much consideration, DCIH has chosen the two families that will receive these two $250.00 worth of gifts from Target. They are both refugee families from Africa. One family has four children ages 1 through 8 years old and the second family has six children 10 through 18 years old. Both families have recently arrived from Africa through Lutheran Social Service/Refugee Services. Each family will receive $250 of gifts from Target based on a list each family has provided. Target employees will choose the gifts based on each of the family’s Wish List. Target will wrap the gifts and deliver the gifts to DCIH, DCIH will give them to LSS, and LSS will deliver the gifts to the two families before Christmas.

A HUGE thank you to Target for providing a total of $ 500.00 in gifts to 2 very deserving refugee families. I’m so honored that Target chose “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” to facilitate this “The Great Gift Together” Christmas Program.

Julia Inserro, Author of Fantastic Children’s Books Makes a Donation to “Don’t Cry…I’m Here”

Look at what arrived at the DCIH Workshop. The author of these books, Julie Inserro, sent these books to DCIH for our refugee kids. They are just the cutest books with such amazing messages. She also sent book markers and stickers. The kids will love them. Thanks so much, Julie, for your wonderful donation.

A Donation of T-shirts From a Company That is Doing Their Part to Save the Earth

Look at what arrived at the DCIH Workshop. These t-shirts were donated by a wonderful company that does amazing work. This is a quote from them of the work they do…”Every purchase helps clean the seas, save the bees and plant trees.” They are out of northern California and they plant 10 trees and donate 10% for every item sold to their work to save the earth. Thank you to Because Tees for their wonderful donation.

An Infant Girl Arrived from Ukraine is Receiving a Gift Tote From “Don’t Cry…I’m Here”

This is everything that will be in Infant Girl Tote #848 for a itty bitty baby girl from Ukraine that will be picked up by Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services (LSS) and dropped off to her by her case worker. It is a beautiful selection of items from many different donors.
Thank you to everyone.

A Book Donation From Author Kevin Lovegreen

We just received a wonderful donation of 17 children’s fishing and hunting books donated by children’s author Kevin Lovegreen from St. Paul, MN. Some of them are children’s chapter books, and some of them are children’s hard cover books. They are filled with adventures for little kids to read and enjoy. They are fun and engaging books and will encourage the kids to love to read. A HUGE thanks to Kevin Lovegreen and his team for this wonderful donation to our refugee children.

What a gift to our children!

Large Book Donation of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Books

We just received 5 cases of books donated by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s publishing company. Each case has 36 books of 5 different titles in it…for a total of 180 books with such amazing messages to children. “Incredible You” is a New York Times bestseller. We had gotten a donation of one of his books ….I read it…and knew I wanted to get some of these for our refugee children. I contacted his publishing company, he died a few years ago, and they approved a large donation of his books to DCIH for our refugee children.

What a gift to our children!

Baby Doll Tote Ready To Go To A Toddler Girl Newly Arriving From Afghanistan

For those of you that are new to our work… is a Baby Doll Tote that I just packed up for a toddler girl from Afghanistan. This is exactly what she sees when she receives her new dolly tote.

Doll Tote Going To A Girl Coming From Afghanistan

This is everything that will be in 18″ Doll Tote #815 for a girl from Afghanistan that will be picked up by Arrive Ministries located in Richfield , MN. It is a beautiful selection of items from many different donors. Thank you to everyone.