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Don’t Cry…I’m Here Now Uses GIVEBACKBOX


NEWS: This is some fantastic news for all of you that have been paying so much for shipping your boxes to us. DCIH has been approved by the GIVEBACKBOX program. This will allow you to send any box (re-used/recycled) up to 70 pounds filled with items for DCIH for $15.00. The GIVEBACKBOX lists the items we need and will accept. If you send anything other than what’s on the list, make sure to approve it with me. This is a program to reduce waste, help recycle used boxes in order to keep our earth green….and at the same time it helps charities receive the things that they need for their charity. Just pull off the old label, fill the box with items that DCIH needs, and relabel it with your printed GIVEBACKBOX label and bring it to USPS or UPS.

This program has been around a long time and is supported by Amazon and many other large companies, but it is new to DCIH. So, as we begin to use this, there may be some questions. I will do my best to help navigate our charity through any questions if we come upon them.

Click on the link below to print your label.…

A Baby Doll Tote For a Refugee Karenni Toddler Girl Coming From Burma/Myanmar

Just so you can see all of the wonderful gifts in one single tote for one toddler girl…..thanks to many different people with HUGE hearts for refugee children. This little girl will be coming from Burma/Myanmar very soon. With all of the conflict in Myanmar right now….thank goodness that this refugee family will be arriving to safety.

Karenni Baby Doll Tote #679

“Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Is In Need of Your Help

With our new administration in the United States, President Biden has signed and Executive Order to rescind Trumps Muslim Ban. This will allow many, many more refugee families into the United States. Because of this, our charity, “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” will be helping many, many more children by providing each newly arriving refugee child with a beautiful Tote Bag of goodies to WELCOME them. We will need to GROW in size to meet the needs of these newly arriving refugee children who come to the United States with very little. They have gone through so much trauma, and we welcome each child with an ethnically dressed teddy bear or doll, plus much more, to help them adjust to their new life in the United States.

We need new 16 and 18 inch dolls, new 24 inch teddy bears, Build-A-Bears, new clothes, new toys and much more to help get the children set up in their new homes.

In addition, we need monetary donations to keep our work going. If you would like to help out monetarily, click on the “DONATE” button above.

Please Email me using the link above to begin to work with “Don’t Cry…I’m Here”.

A Bed For a Newly Arriving Toddler Boy Refugee is Welcoming With a Don’t Cry…I’m Here Baby Bear Tote

A special treat … are a few photos of one of our DCIH Baby Bear Tote Bags on the bed awaiting a newly arriving refugee toddler boy. I accidentally fell upon these photos from Arrive Ministries. My heart melted when I saw this.

Image may contain: 1 person

This little baby doll is dressed in her ethnic outfit and is getting packaged up and ready to give to a little Karen refugee toddler girl that recently arrived into the United States from Burma/Myanmar.

Girls From Afghanistan Receive “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Doll Totes

Photo from Arrive Ministries - 5 girls from a family of 10 that arrived from Afghanistan 0 2-28-20

A TREAT FOR YOU: I received this photo from Laura Johnson who is our connect person at Arrive Ministries. This is a photo of some of the children from an Afghan family of 10 that Arrive Ministries helped to resettle here in the United States. We provided totes for 8 children from this family.

Just look at the looks on their faces. Isn’t this an adorable family from Afghanistan that is now safe here in the United States.

***I want to point something out. Look at the head scarves that 2 of these Afghan girls are wearing. They are very similar to the head scarves that are on our Afghan dolls. Good work in this design, Dawn Chase!

Permission was given by Arrive Ministries to share this photo.

“Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Introduces New Afghanistan Dressed 18″ Doll

Afghanistan 18 inch Doll A
I would like to introduce you to one of our newest ethnically dressed 18″ dolls.  This doll has been designed for our newly arriving girls from Afghanistan.

3 Girls From a Newly Arrived Liberian Refugee Family Receives Doll Totes From ‘Don’t Cry…I’m Here”.

Sponsor Church Colonial church - Laura VanderTop Photo 3Sponsor Church Colonial church - Laura VanderTop Photo 2Sponsor Church Colonial church - Laura VanderTop Photo 1

Here is a special treat for you! These 3 beautiful little girls from Liberia received our Doll Gift Tote Bags. Laura from Colonial Church (the sponsor church for this Liberian family) sent me these photos today and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to see these girls holding their dolls. How wonderful it must feel for the girls to have a doll to hug, talk to, and feel safe with. So….here is another success story. Let’s keep all of this great work going. Thanks everyone!!

Permission was given by Laura from Colonial Church and the parents to share this photo with our group. Thanks so much Laura.

We Are Welcoming A Girl From Laos With This Doll

Laos 18 inch doll

I would like to introduce you to our NEW Laos 18″ Doll!!  Isn’t she a beauty?

Former Soviet Union Dolls Are Now Available

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and closeupImage may contain: 4 people, people standingFormer Soviet Union - 18 inch doll

I would like to introduce you to our new Former Soviet Union Dolls.  They are now available for our girls that arrive from Former Soviet Union countries.