Don’t Cry…I’m Here Received a Very Special Donation from Girl Scout Troop 75117

Back in September, your may remember that we received a package of wonderfully made “Welcome” Cards from Amber Chester, the leader of Girl Scout Troop 75117 that the girls of the troop made for us.

I just received a message from Amber that the Troop wanted to make something for Don’t Cry…I’m Here. So…they got to work, got the supplies, and made us some more “Welcome” Cards, and Fleece Blankets and Pillows for the dolls that go to our refugee children.

She said, “They really enjoyed doing them! There was so much excitement for that meeting. It was great to see that! It made them feel good as well!”

I can’t begin to tell you how much is being learned by the girls of this Girl Scout Troop. They are learning that people that are just a little different than they are, are also just the same as they are….only they were just born in another part of the world. They are learning to be accepting of these refugee families that may move to their city, go to their schools, or be at their shopping malls or grocery stores. They may be bringing home this message to their families that these newly arriving families are “Welcome” and their hearts are full from making our refugee children some very special gifts. In addition to these very important lessons…..the girls are learning to sew.

Here are some photos she sent me and said I may share them with our group.

Thank you so much Amber Chester. Please share this post with the girls and THANK Girl Scout Troop 75117 from Illinois for this very special project.

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