Little Anfa reunites with family after refugee camp and receives a Don’t Cry…I’m Here Doll Gift Tote Bag

Little Anfa was not allowed to come to the United States when her family came a few years ago because she was an infant and was not able to speak for herself to the immigration people.  So her parents had to make a difficult decision and she was left in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya with her grandparents until things could be straightened out.  3 years later she is finally reunited with her parents in Minneapolis, MN and Farrah Fazal from KSTP tells the story on one of our major news stations in Minneapolis.

Gail Harvey from Don’t Cry…I’m Here said, “I was just watching our local Minneapolis KSTP news broadcast tonight and they had a report on a newly arrived little refugee girl from Kenya that caught my attention. As I watched the story I was frantically writing down information to contact KSTP to get one of our Doll Gift Tote Bags to this little girl. All of a sudden….I saw her and she was holding one of our dolls. The link below shows Anfa holding her doll and hugging it tightly. Click on the link below to watch this story and at 5 minutes 46 seconds little Anfa is holding one of our dolls. I have confirmed that this is one of the dolls that Don’t Cry…I’m Here gave to Lutheran Social Service–Refugee Services. Anfa received her doll when she arrived to her new home.Anfa-Kenya refugee received doll.

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