Beautiful Refugee Girls Receive Dolls from Don’t Cry…I’m Here

Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services Doll Donation #1Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services Doll Donation #2

We, at Don’t Cry…I’m Here, were over-the-top excited to receive 2 photos of 4 little refugee girls that received our Doll Gift Tote Bags. Our Doll Gift Tote Bags include an ethnically-sensitive 18″ doll, doll outfits and accessories for the doll, quilt and pillow set and a tote bag to put all of their little doll goodies into.

After a very dangerous and difficult process to get to safety … and then a lengthy process to get to the United States….these 4 girls are settling into their new homes and living a life of freedom.  And their dolls will be at their sides as they adjust to this new life.

These photos were taken and shared with us from one of the Refugee Resettlement organizations that we work with…..Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services.  Permission was given by the parents of the girls and Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services to share these photos.

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