Girls From Afghanistan Receive “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Doll Totes

Photo from Arrive Ministries - 5 girls from a family of 10 that arrived from Afghanistan 0 2-28-20

A TREAT FOR YOU: I received this photo from Laura Johnson who is our connect person at Arrive Ministries. This is a photo of some of the children from an Afghan family of 10 that Arrive Ministries helped to resettle here in the United States. We provided totes for 8 children from this family.

Just look at the looks on their faces. Isn’t this an adorable family from Afghanistan that is now safe here in the United States.

***I want to point something out. Look at the head scarves that 2 of these Afghan girls are wearing. They are very similar to the head scarves that are on our Afghan dolls. Good work in this design, Dawn Chase!

Permission was given by Arrive Ministries to share this photo.

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