FUNDRAISER for “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Blank Note Cards Featuring our Ethnic Dolls

card and envelopecard frontCard insideCardUntitled

I have had several requests to have Note Cards made out of some of my photos. I did my leg-work and found Vistaprint to have the best price. I designed a blank Note Card using one of my Somali doll photos and ordered them. They arrived today…and are so DARN cute!!

I have decided to use these Don’t Cry…I’m Here Note Cards as a gift for a FUNDRAISER.

So if you donate:
$15.00 You will receive one card with an envelope
$20.00 You will receive two cards with 2 envelopes
$25.00 You will receive 3 cards with 3 envelopes
$30.00 You will receive 4 cards with 4 envelopes
$35.00 You will receive 5 cards with 5 envelopes
$40.00 You will receive 6 cards with 6 envelopes
$45.00 You will receive 7 cards with 7 envelopes
$50.00 You will receive 8 cards with 8 envelopes

Use my Paypal Giving Fund Email Address to make your donation.

You must put “Note Cards” in the message section of your paypal payment form to receive your Note Cards.

***There is no shipping cost. Your donation is all we need.

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