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Don’t Cry…I’m Here Partners With Another Minnesota Nonprofit, Bundles of Love, to Provide Newborn Items For Our Refugee Infants

NEWS: I am so excited to tell you that we have now partnered with Bundles of Love Charity. They are a Minnesota nonprofit organization that provides families in need with a bundle of newborn items. Each bundle includes everything from a diaper bag, clothing, sleepers, crib sheets and blankets, etc. They will begin providing Don’t Cry…I’m Here 4 bundles a month (2 boy and 2 girl bundles)…starting in March. This is a fantastic help for us as we have now added infant totes to our charity. Thank you Bundles of Love for working with us at Don’t Cry…I’m Here.

Don’t Cry…I’m Here is Now Serving the St. Cloud, Minnesota Refugees

Delivery to Lutheran Social Service-St. Cloud MN --1 doll tote - 2 bear totes-1....1-22-18dDelivery to Lutheran Social Service-St. Cloud MN --1 doll tote - 2 bear totes-2....1-22-18dDelivery to Lutheran Social Service-St. Cloud MN --1 doll tote - 2 bear totes-3....1-22-18dDelivery to Lutheran Social Service-St. Cloud MN --1 doll tote - 2 bear totes-4....1-22-18d

Here are a few photos of our delivery of Doll/Bear Gift Tote Bags to Lutheran Social Service in St. Cloud, MN. We delivered 1 – 18″ Afghani Doll Tote Bag and 2 – Boy Buddy Bear Afghani Tote Bags. This is our first delivery up to St. Cloud….a city in Minnesota that has a large refugee population. I look very forward to working with the St. Cloud office of LSS. The refugees of this city are in desperate need to have someone “Welcome” them with open arms. And that is what we will do. Thanks everyone….for helping us welcome them.

Target Stores in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota Area Have Been a Huge Support to Don’t Cry…I’m Here

Target -2555 W 79th St. Bloomington MN gift card $50.00 1-11-18

NEWS!!! We received a very generous donation in the form of a gift card from our Bloomington, MN Target store to be used to purchase dolls and doll related items for our Doll Gift Tote Bags. Target has really gotten on-board with our charity and we have been supported by several of their stores in our area. A HUGE Thank You to Target!!

A Karen Family That Will be Arriving From Burma Will Receive Tote Bags From “Don’t Cry…I’m Here”

Delivery to Lutheran Social Service--Refugee Services-Minneapolis-1 - 1-10-18 CDelivery to Lutheran Social Service--Refugee Services-Minneapolis-2 - 1-10-18 CDelivery to Lutheran Social Service--Refugee Services-Minneapolis-3 - 1-10-18 CDelivery to Lutheran Social Service--Refugee Services-Minneapolis-4 - 1-10-18 C

We delivered a mixture of 6 Doll, Bear and Teen Tote Bags to Lutheran Social Service/Refugee Services in Minneapolis today for a Karen family that will be arriving in Minnesota (Minneapolis) very soon. The 6 Totes that we delivered today will be in the hands of the Karen children as soon as they arrive in Minneapolis. This was a mixture of such beautiful gifts for our newly arriving kids!! Thank you everyone for your help in making this happen.


A Sudanese Family Will Receive 6 Doll and Bear Gift Tote Bags from Don’t Cry…I’m Here in Time for Christmas

Arrive Ministries-Doll Delivery -- 2--12-21-17Arrive Ministries--Doll Delivery-1---12-21-17Arrive Ministries--doll delivery--3-12-21-17Arrive Ministries-doll delivery-4--12-21-17Arrive Ministries-doll delivery-5--12-21-17Arrive Ministries-doll delivery--6-12-21-17

We delivered a mixture of 6 Doll and Bear Tote Bags to Arrive Ministries today. Arrive Ministries resettlement organization does so much for our newly arriving refugee families. They are our refugees first connection when they arrive in Minneapolis. They meet the refugee families at the airport, set up housing for the families, and make sure that their housing has the basic necessities for them to start their new lives. And they are OUR (Don’t Cry…I’m Here) connection for getting our Totes to these new families. The 6 Totes that we delivered today will be in the hands of 2 boys (twins) and 4 girls (including our teen girl)….all from the same family very, very soon!! In fact, the guy in these photos loaded them up in his car before we left Arrive Ministries and was going to deliver them today. Thank you everyone for your help in making this happen.

Don’t Cry…I’m Here Received a Very Special Donation from Girl Scout Troop 75117

Back in September, your may remember that we received a package of wonderfully made “Welcome” Cards from Amber Chester, the leader of Girl Scout Troop 75117 that the girls of the troop made for us.

I just received a message from Amber that the Troop wanted to make something for Don’t Cry…I’m Here. So…they got to work, got the supplies, and made us some more “Welcome” Cards, and Fleece Blankets and Pillows for the dolls that go to our refugee children.

She said, “They really enjoyed doing them! There was so much excitement for that meeting. It was great to see that! It made them feel good as well!”

I can’t begin to tell you how much is being learned by the girls of this Girl Scout Troop. They are learning that people that are just a little different than they are, are also just the same as they are….only they were just born in another part of the world. They are learning to be accepting of these refugee families that may move to their city, go to their schools, or be at their shopping malls or grocery stores. They may be bringing home this message to their families that these newly arriving families are “Welcome” and their hearts are full from making our refugee children some very special gifts. In addition to these very important lessons…..the girls are learning to sew.

Here are some photos she sent me and said I may share them with our group.

Thank you so much Amber Chester. Please share this post with the girls and THANK Girl Scout Troop 75117 from Illinois for this very special project.

Arrive Ministries Posts About “Don’t Cry…I’m Here”

Another special treat for you guys…..Arrive Ministries shared this post on their Facebook Page about our delivery today. I thought you might like to see it.

Girls…Boys…Dolls…Bears…for Arrive Ministries Refugee Children in Minneapolis

Delivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-1....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-2....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-3....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-4....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-5....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-6....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-7....12-01-17d

We delivered a mixture of 7 Doll and Bear Tote Bags to Arrive Ministries today. What a pleasure it is to make these deliveries. Arrive Ministries is so excited to see what we have in their boxes. Today the Buddy Bear Tote and the Baby Doll Tote were brand new….so that especially exciting for them…..and exciting for me to deliver. These totes will be in the hands of 7 boys and girls very very soon!! These are all spoken for.

3 Little Refugees….3 Comfy Beds….3 Lovable Dolls

I received a very special email today from our Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis resettlement contact that I delivered the dolls to on Monday. These pictures are of the beds of the 3 little girls that arrived this week from Afghanistan. LSS placed our Doll Gift Tote Bags on their NEW beds. The beds look so comfy…I’m sure they were exhausted after their long journey to the US….and as they went to their beds… they found their dolls…..brand sparkling new….waiting for their loving arms.
Leah wanted me to share with you guys….that the girls LOVED the dolls, and were so excited to see them on their beds.
Another SUCCESS story!!Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis -Dolls on Beds...2...11-27-17
Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis -Dolls on Beds-11-27-17

Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis Receives 3 Doll Gift Tote Bags from Don’t Cry…I’m Here

Delivery to Lutheran Social Service--Refugee Services-Minneapolis - 11-27-17 A

I delivered 3 Doll Gift Tote Bags to Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis today.  This photo  is of the 3 Middle Eastern Doll Gift Tote Bags for 3 little Afghan girls that are arriving in Minneapolis tomorrow. Their Doll Gift Tote Bags will be on their beds when they arrive to their new home. What a surprise they will have when they take the first look at their new beds with the dolls on them.