Don't Cry...I'm Here

May Your Holidays be bright!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!! Now is the time to reflect on this past year and hold our hearts open to next year. May you be safe, healthy and happy as you all go through these holidays!!

I am completely humbled by the support you all give to newly arriving refugees…and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love you all!!

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This Family Book Bag #37 will be going to a family Arriving to the United States from Afghanistan

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This Family Book Bag #37 will be going to a family from Afghanistan with 6 children.

DCIH is promoting literacy by making sure that we provide engaging, age appropriate, fun, colorful books and literacy activities for the children of our refugee families. We want the kids to have a nice selection of books in their homes to read.

Such Fear for People in Afghanistan

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As I’m putting together this Parent Gift together for our newest Cameroon family….my heart can’t help but cry for all of the Afghani families that are in extreme danger right now. So many of these Afghani family men and women put their lives in danger as they were helping out U.S. forces in many capacities during all of these war years. And now they and their families are in extreme danger for helping the U.S….realistically many Afghani people are in danger for who knows what reason by the Taliban.

I looked back at my records and see that we have given our Doll/Teddy Bear/&Teen Totes to 43 children from Afghanistan in the past. I was hoping that looking at these records…I would feel a boost to my tearful feelings because we have already helped so many children that have already arrived safely in the United States. I didn’t help. 43 is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to how many people (women and children in danger are being repeatedly aired on the news) are in danger in Afghanistan right now.

I AM consoled by the fact that I am doing this charity work to help refugee children that arrive to the United States. And I will be especially comforted once many of these endangered families start to arrive in the United States….or any other safe country. I have to keep my eye on this “prize”. “prize”=safety of Afghani people.

Please lift up and keep the people from Afghanistan in your thoughts and prayers as this unfolds. There is so much fear in that country right now.

Below is a photo of some of the Afghani children that we have given our totes to. These children are in the U.S. safe and will have a bright future.

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Brand New American Girl Dolls Arrive to the “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Workshop for our Refugee Children

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“Don’t Cry…I’m Here” is excited to provide American Girl Dolls to our newly arriving refugee girls. They are various ethnic dolls and absolutely beautiful…they are new in box…with the books for each doll included.

We did a fund raiser to purchase these dolls…and I’m so thrilled to say that they have now arrived.

The following people donated to our American Girl Fundraiser:

Janice Hensley

Darcy Jesse McDowell

Gail Sundem Noller

Jan Polander

Julie Turner Holmansky

Jan Robison

Donna Leaf

Julie ZA

Cara Thurston Griffiths

Shoua Lee



Do you throw away your empty printer ink cartridges? Don’t Cry…I’m Here (DCIH) is now registered and approved to receive funds when you send Planet Green Recycle your empty printer ink cartridges to them. This not only helps DCIH, but it helps keep our planet cleaner and greener.

Planet Green Recycle offers a way for nonprofits to get funds if you mail your empty printer ink cartridges to them to recycle. Planet Green provides a free shipping label when you have a minimum of 4 printer ink cartridges ready to send.

So, save your empty ink cartridges, and when you have 4 or more collected up, click on the link below, follow their prompts, and print your label.

You will need the following Program ID Code that will direct the payment to Don’t Cry…I’m Here (DCIH): 31723

Please help, and let me know if you have any questions.

PLEASE HELP our 501(c)3 Nonprofit purchase these American Girl Dolls for our Newly Arriving Refugee Girls

PLEASE HELP: “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” (DCIH) is a member of Good360 which is an organization that offers overstock goods at very discounted prices to 501(c)3 Nonprofits. They just offered these American Girl Dolls today. Good360’s price is $62.50 for a case of 4 of these American Girl Dolls. Not one doll for $62.50….but 4 dolls for $62.50. As a Nonprofit we can get a total of 8 cases with 4 doll in each case for $500.00. That is only $15.62 per American Girl doll. And there is NO shipping charge on these. They are the most wonderful American Girl dolls and this is an amazing price.

Since Good 360 only sells to Nonprofits….only I can purchase these dolls….the general population can not. I was wondering if you would like to contribute to helping me purchase 8 cases of these dolls. Good360 is a very very reliable nonprofit. I have ordered lots of items, including American Girl Dolls, for DCIH from them in the past. Their prices, quality and shipping time are excellent.

If you would like to donate to this American Girl Doll fund, my charity Paypal address is:

Please specify that you would like your donation to go to our Good360 American Girl Fund

A Birthday Gift to “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” for and from Sam Harvey

A MESSAGE FROM SAM HARVEY: For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Don’t Cry, I’m Here. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit.

I’m in the DCIH Workshop on this hot 99 degree June day. It’s nice and cool in here. Met up with this talking teddy bear as I was working and he said, “What’s with this crazy Minnesota weather? First it’s 15 below zero…then it’s 100 above zero. Couldn’t you have landed me in a more temperate climate!!”

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Don’t Cry…I’m Here Now Uses GIVEBACKBOX


NEWS: This is some fantastic news for all of you that have been paying so much for shipping your boxes to us. DCIH has been approved by the GIVEBACKBOX program. This will allow you to send any box (re-used/recycled) up to 70 pounds filled with items for DCIH for $15.00. The GIVEBACKBOX lists the items we need and will accept. If you send anything other than what’s on the list, make sure to approve it with me. This is a program to reduce waste, help recycle used boxes in order to keep our earth green….and at the same time it helps charities receive the things that they need for their charity. Just pull off the old label, fill the box with items that DCIH needs, and relabel it with your printed GIVEBACKBOX label and bring it to USPS or UPS.

This program has been around a long time and is supported by Amazon and many other large companies, but it is new to DCIH. So, as we begin to use this, there may be some questions. I will do my best to help navigate our charity through any questions if we come upon them.

Click on the link below to print your label.…

A Baby Doll Tote For a Refugee Karenni Toddler Girl Coming From Burma/Myanmar

Just so you can see all of the wonderful gifts in one single tote for one toddler girl…..thanks to many different people with HUGE hearts for refugee children. This little girl will be coming from Burma/Myanmar very soon. With all of the conflict in Myanmar right now….thank goodness that this refugee family will be arriving to safety.

Karenni Baby Doll Tote #679