PLEASE HELP our 501(c)3 Nonprofit purchase these American Girl Dolls for our Newly Arriving Refugee Girls

PLEASE HELP: “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” (DCIH) is a member of Good360 which is an organization that offers overstock goods at very discounted prices to 501(c)3 Nonprofits. They just offered these American Girl Dolls today. Good360’s price is $62.50 for a case of 4 of these American Girl Dolls. Not one doll for $62.50….but 4 dolls for $62.50. As a Nonprofit we can get a total of 8 cases with 4 doll in each case for $500.00. That is only $15.62 per American Girl doll. And there is NO shipping charge on these. They are the most wonderful American Girl dolls and this is an amazing price.

Since Good 360 only sells to Nonprofits….only I can purchase these dolls….the general population can not. I was wondering if you would like to contribute to helping me purchase 8 cases of these dolls. Good360 is a very very reliable nonprofit. I have ordered lots of items, including American Girl Dolls, for DCIH from them in the past. Their prices, quality and shipping time are excellent.

If you would like to donate to this American Girl Doll fund, my charity Paypal address is:

Please specify that you would like your donation to go to our Good360 American Girl Fund

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