Don’t Cry…I’m Here Now Uses GIVEBACKBOX


NEWS: This is some fantastic news for all of you that have been paying so much for shipping your boxes to us. DCIH has been approved by the GIVEBACKBOX program. This will allow you to send any box (re-used/recycled) up to 70 pounds filled with items for DCIH for $15.00. The GIVEBACKBOX lists the items we need and will accept. If you send anything other than what’s on the list, make sure to approve it with me. This is a program to reduce waste, help recycle used boxes in order to keep our earth green….and at the same time it helps charities receive the things that they need for their charity. Just pull off the old label, fill the box with items that DCIH needs, and relabel it with your printed GIVEBACKBOX label and bring it to USPS or UPS.

This program has been around a long time and is supported by Amazon and many other large companies, but it is new to DCIH. So, as we begin to use this, there may be some questions. I will do my best to help navigate our charity through any questions if we come upon them.

Click on the link below to print your label.…

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