“Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Is In Need of Your Help

With our new administration in the United States, President Biden has signed and Executive Order to rescind Trumps Muslim Ban. This will allow many, many more refugee families into the United States. Because of this, our charity, “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” will be helping many, many more children by providing each newly arriving refugee child with a beautiful Tote Bag of goodies to WELCOME them. We will need to GROW in size to meet the needs of these newly arriving refugee children who come to the United States with very little. They have gone through so much trauma, and we welcome each child with an ethnically dressed teddy bear or doll, plus much more, to help them adjust to their new life in the United States.

We need new 16 and 18 inch dolls, new 24 inch teddy bears, Build-A-Bears, new clothes, new toys and much more to help get the children set up in their new homes.

In addition, we need monetary donations to keep our work going. If you would like to help out monetarily, click on the “DONATE” button above.

Please Email me using the link above to begin to work with “Don’t Cry…I’m Here”.

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