Don’t Cry…I’m Here Starts a YOUCARING Crowdfunder to Help Obtain a Larger Workshop to Do It’s Work

Our “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” YOUCARING crowdfunder has now started. Please share our fundraiser with everyone you can think of. We are doing this fundraiser to help us to move our 501(c)3 nonprofit charity out of our house and into a workshop so that we can work more efficiently and to “Welcome” as many refugee children as we can. We will have Open Workshop days at our new workshop so that we can work as a group connected to a cause, educate our communities of the refugee crisis and help in connecting our neighborhoods with their newly arriving refugee families.
We have a lot of work to do and we PLEAD with you to help us reach our goal….and soar beyond it so that we can make this next move to grow as we are needing to do. Be an active partner in our charity and watch as we grow to meet the needs of refugee families.

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