Girls…Boys…Dolls…Bears…for Arrive Ministries Refugee Children in Minneapolis

Delivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-1....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-2....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-3....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-4....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-5....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-6....12-01-17dDelivery to Arrive Ministries --7 totes-7....12-01-17d

We delivered a mixture of 7 Doll and Bear Tote Bags to Arrive Ministries today. What a pleasure it is to make these deliveries. Arrive Ministries is so excited to see what we have in their boxes. Today the Buddy Bear Tote and the Baby Doll Tote were brand new….so that especially exciting for them…..and exciting for me to deliver. These totes will be in the hands of 7 boys and girls very very soon!! These are all spoken for.

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