3 Little Refugees….3 Comfy Beds….3 Lovable Dolls

I received a very special email today from our Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis resettlement contact that I delivered the dolls to on Monday. These pictures are of the beds of the 3 little girls that arrived this week from Afghanistan. LSS placed our Doll Gift Tote Bags on their NEW beds. The beds look so comfy…I’m sure they were exhausted after their long journey to the US….and as they went to their beds… they found their dolls…..brand sparkling new….waiting for their loving arms.
Leah wanted me to share with you guys….that the girls LOVED the dolls, and were so excited to see them on their beds.
Another SUCCESS story!!Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis -Dolls on Beds...2...11-27-17
Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services-Minneapolis -Dolls on Beds-11-27-17

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