“Don’t Cry…I’m Here” will begin work with the Lutheran Social Services Refugee Resettlement office in St. Cloud, Minnesota

I just want to let you all know that we will now be working with the Lutheran Social Services Refugee Resettlement office in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We were connected with a St. Cloud Immigration Attorney’s office through little Anfa (the little Kenya girl with our doll in the KSTP News story about a month or so ago). This attorney and her legal assistant contacted me and would like to help us in any way that we need to help “Welcome” these little refugee children to St. Cloud. St. Cloud has a large refugee population and there has been a huge struggle of acceptance of the refugees in their city. And that struggle has even been covered on our Minneapolis/St. Paul news stations. We need to “WELCOME” these little children and let their families know that there ARE people in this country that “Welcome” them with open arms.

So, I am working out details with them. This may create an up-tick in our needs…so let’s do our best to keep busy and get our Doll Gift Tote Bags and Boys Bears and Buddy Dolls to these little children as they arrive in the United States.

Sorry for the lengthy post…..just needed to get this word out.News-9

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