Arrive Ministries in Minneapolis receive 5 Doll Gift Tote Bags from “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” to “Welcome” Refugee Children

I would like to share with you some photos of today’s delivery of Doll Gift Tote Bags to Arrive Ministries. This is a very, very beautiful charity that works with the refugee families which begins by meeting the families at the airport….through helping them adapt to this country by providing a volunteer host family that helps them through their first months in the United States. They try to find them a place to live before they arrive in the States…but said sometimes that is difficult because they don’t get much notice of when they will arrive so sometimes employees of Arrive Ministries or volunteer families welcome them into their homes until housing is established.

So we have 5 more Doll Gift Tote Bags (4 girls and 1 boy) delivered….and will be with their new mommy’s or daddy shortly. One of the resettlement workers said they have a family of 5 arriving from Afghanistan tomorrow night and they have a little girl. So….one of the dolls will go out to this girl after they get a chance to rest after a very exhausting and stressful journey to the United States.

Thank you to everyone that is helping to make this work a reality. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize this charity IS INDEED doing what we are hoping to do.Delivery to Arrive Ministries 1--24-17 aDelivery to Arrive Ministries 10-24-17 bDelivery to Arrive Ministries 10-24-17 cDelivery to Arrive Ministries 10-24-17 dDelivery to Arrive Ministries-10-24-17Doll Gift Tote Bag #29 - Boys Bears and Buddy Dolls-Somali AfricanSomali boy doll in in Traditional Somali male clothing.


Doll Gift Tote Bag #30 African non-muslimAfrican girl doll in Traditional African clothing.

Doll Gift Tote Bag #31 African MuslimAfrican Muslim girl doll in Traditional Hijab and clothing.


Doll gift Tote Bag #32 Karen AsianKaren doll in Traditional Karen clothing.


Doll Gift Tote Bag #33 Middle Eastern MuslimMiddle Eastern Muslim doll in Traditional Muslim Hijab and clothing.

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