Our Mission at Don’t Cry…I’m Here is all About Smiles….and Smiles We See

Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services Doll Donation #3

Here is a special treat for you! These 3 beautiful little girls received a “Don’t Cry…I’m Here” Doll Gift Tote Bags. Leah from Lutheran Social Service-Refugee Services sent me this photo this morning and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to see these 3 girls with such HUGE smiles on their faces holding their dolls. How wonderful it must feel for the girls to have a doll that looks like they do and that wears clothing that matches their culture. It validates their culture and allows them to be proud of their culture. So….here is another success story. Let’s keep all of this great work going. Thanks everyone!!

Permission was given by Leah at Lutheran Social Service and the parents of the girls to share this photo with our group. Thanks so much Leah.

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